our work practices at acieving change
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How we work

Aligned to the Achieving Change Values

our 4 guiding principles in any Change are:


Clarity on the Purpose – what are you striving to achieve?

This isn’t always clear and the first stage can be developing clarity on what is needed and the specific deliverables required to achieve this.  Why is this so important?  The direction of travel and method used is shaped by the target we are striving to achieve.  While there is scope for enhancement along the way “we need to know where we want to get to, in order to work out how we get there.”

Jacqui achieves success for the business and her stakeholders through her deep expertise, thorough preparation and excellent stakeholder management. In addition, Jacqui is a warm and approachable person that is an asset to any team or project.

Sue Bradshaw, Chief People Officer Blenheim Chalcot


Collaboration – you are not alone

Working in a highly collaborative way Jacqui will support you on your journey.  With years of experience in Achieving Change from localised teams through to Global implementations, in a major blue-chip company, she has the ‘know how’ and ‘practical experience’ to guide you.  Working with Senior Leaders to Team Members she uses her Coaching background to support each individual involved in making the Change real.

Jacqui has a talent for seeing the big picture and making connections to help others do the same.  Jacqui was particularly good at helping me look at some of the challenges we faced differently, providing useful structure that led to better and more elegant solutions.

Andy Cockroft, VP & Site Director GSK


Growth – What if you could not only understand the Change required but actually embrace it?

For many the prospect of Change comes with negative connotations. What if you could not only understand the Change required but actually embrace it?

Whether it be an opportunity to personally grow taking on new skills or a new perspective, for a team to develop and grow the relationships to make it stronger or for a business to turn itself around and build itself for the future, it’s all about growth.

Jacqui demonstrates a real commitment to develop people through coaching/mentoring which has left a huge legacy. We saw a real uplift in capability of a significant population within our Manufacturing teams. 

 Martin Peart, Learning and Performance Professional and Coach


Passion – How to start yourself on a journey of personal change or lead an organisation through change?  You need Passion. 

A passionate belief that the future will be better than the current situation.  You may not know how you are going to achieve it but the desire to improve things needs to be heart felt.  Jacqui’s ability to support you in finding your passion and developing a process to support you on your journey is key.  The passion that she personally brings to Change demonstrates first hand her commitment and self-belief in the purpose.

She has energy and enthusiasm for doing the right thing along with a passion for supporting the business through innovative interventions. Jacqui’s straight talk and ability to communicate at all levels ensures great credibility from employees and senior leaders alike.

Ervin Rodriguez, VP Quality Systems GSK